Ester Lou Weithers

Ester Lou Weithers is a proud child of Caribbean immigrants, raised in Houston, Texas. The daughter of a pastor and an English teacher, she fell in love with storytelling at an early age.  After years working with MTVN networks in New York, Ester quit her job and relocated to Los Angeles to start telling her stories of what it means to be a woman and an "other", while navigating love and friendships in an Instagram scrolling world. In 2011, she got her first taste of the writers' room as an assistant on Showtime's HOUSE OF LIES. In 2015, she co-created and directed two web series, SEXLESS and CHEF JULIAN, for an indie production company. Both series were acquired by BET last fall. This year, Ester Lou was named as a 2016 FOX Writers Intensive Finalist and is currently a staff writer on the new FOX series PITCH. She is also a lover of coconut oil, a well tweeted meme and a spicy food addict.